Hidden Helpers Heard

According to a study commissioned by The Elizabeth Dole Foundation, there are 2.5 million children, teens, and young adults in the U.S. taking on significant responsibilities for wounded, ill or aging veterans within their own families. These “hidden helpers” are supporting their wounded parent, grandparent, sibling or other family member with activities of daily living […]

Hidden Helpers, Hidden No More with Dr. Larry Moss and Steve Schwab

When it comes to supporting our nation’s military caregivers – the family members and friends caring for a wounded, ill, or injured veteran each day in their homes – the Elizabeth Dole Foundation is a true leader. The foundation aims to raise awareness, conduct research, and support military family caregivers. Among that group, you will […]

A Conversation with Matthew Cook, Children’s Hospital Association

When it comes to healthcare, children are not miniature adults. As growing, maturing human beings, they require regular well-child attention, care, and treatment that considers their size and their ongoing and seemingly ever-changing developmental needs as they make the trek into adulthood. Children’s hospitals, in particular, play a unique role in ensuring and elevating the […]

The PLAYERS Championship: Golf for Good

This year – 2024 – marked the 50th anniversary of THE PLAYERS Championship, a premier tour stop for PGA golfers from around the world! Held at the TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (just south of Jacksonville where Nemours Children’s Health is headquartered), THE PLAYERS Championships attracts the best that professional golf has to offer […]

Partner Profile: St. Patrick’s Center

The non-profit, non-denominational St. Patrick’s Center in Wilmington, Delaware, has served that community for over half a century. They provide emergency food, meals, respite for the homeless, clothing, transportation, and recreational activities for people in need on the city’s east side. Our guest host, Che Parker, met up with Joe Yacyshyn, St. Patrick’s Center’s Board […]

Babies in Crisis: Understanding Neonatal Abstinence (Part 4)

In the final episode of our four-part series “Hot Topics in Neonatology” we explore neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), a byproduct of prenatal drug exposure — one of the fastest growing public health problems in the world. In the U.S., the most recent data from the CDC indicate that the number of pregnant people with opioid-related diagnoses documented […]

The NICU View: Mom & Baby (Part 1)

We begin our four-part series “Hot Topics in Neonatology” with the story of author and preemie family advocate Deb Discenza. Deb was 30 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to her daughter, Becky. In this episode, she shares their NICU story of persistence and resilience, and how she is paying it forward by helping and […]

Calling Cooks and Caretakers

SEGMENT 1: Culinary medicine is an evidence-based medical practice that affirms the saying “You are what you eat.” One part food, one part cooking, and one part medical science, culinary medicine aims to help folks make the right decisions about food to help prevent and treat disease. Pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Maria Mascarenhas with the Children’s […]

Disrupting Healthcare with Dr. Stephen Klasko

Dr. Stephen Klasko is a dynamic healthcare visionary who led Jefferson Health in Philadelphia as its President and CEO during much of the COVID-19 pandemic and currently serves as Executive in Residence for the venture capital group General Catalyst (GC).  GC made news when they announced their intention to create the Health Assurance Transformation Corporation, through […]

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