Moving at the Speed of Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare has always been a hotbed of innovation, though it seems today to be moving forward at light speed, with a wide range of advancements to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, safety, accessibility, and quality of healthcare services at the bedside and behind the scenes.  We’re talking healthcare innovation today with two national experts whom we […]

Disrupting Healthcare with Dr. Stephen Klasko

Dr. Stephen Klasko is a dynamic healthcare visionary who led Jefferson Health in Philadelphia as its President and CEO during much of the COVID-19 pandemic and currently serves as Executive in Residence for the venture capital group General Catalyst (GC).  GC made news when they announced their intention to create the Health Assurance Transformation Corporation, through […]

A Conversation with Alex Azar and Dr. Larry Moss

If you are serious about pushing boundaries and transforming health and wellness, HLTH is the place to be. The 2023 edition of HLTH, held earlier this month in Las Vegas, united more than 10,000 senior executives, decision-makers, and innovators across the healthcare spectrum whose common goal is to discuss the trends and strategies needed to create health’s […]

Genomics For All! Awareness. Access. Equity.

Genomics and precision medicine are becoming pillars of health care, but how do they apply to pediatrics — and how can we ensure equitable access? Dr. Pankaj B. Agrawal, principal investigator (PI) of the NIH-funded Virtual Genome Center for Infant Health (VIGOR)*, visited us in our mobile podcast studio at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2023 […]

Defining Value in Pediatric Health Care

Karen Wilding, Nemours Children’s Chief Value Officer, explains her role in the enterprise. She’ll also share her experience on 9/11, when she was a student in Washington, DC, where she watched the tragedy unfold. It was an event that shaped her life and put her on the path to becoming a Nemours associate.  Carol Vassar, […]

Genetic Medicine and Counseling for Kids

According to the American Society of Human Genetics, medical genetics is any application of genetic principles to medical practice. This includes studies of inheritance, mapping disease genes, diagnosis and treatment, and genetic counseling, all offered by Nemours Children’s Health. Carol Vassar, producer Guests:Karen Gripp, MD, Pediatrician, and Genetic Researcher, Nemours Children’s Hospital, DelawareLaura Baker, Genetic […]

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine, personalized medicine, genetic medicine – these are all terms bandied about in the press, but what exactly do they mean? Who better to ask than two Nemours Children’s Health geneticists with 73 years of combined experience in genetics: Dr. Pamela Arn, Division Chief for Genetics, Nemours Children’s Health, Jacksonville, and Dr. Vicky Funanage, […]

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